The Story Behind the Postgame Proposal

Six-foot, two-hundred-pound football players dancing and singing “Thinking Out Loud” in sync is not a normal scene on the football field after a game, but on a late Saturday afternoon in October Samford University football players made this abnormal scene look perfectly normal during a marriage proposal.

Junior linebacker, Deion Pierre’s proposal to his girlfriend, Jasmine Henderson, has gone viral and now has more than 15 million views.

The viewers have found the video to be inspiring and loving, but the story behind the “second win of the day”, as Pierre would call it, will bring readers even more joy.

Pierre and Henderson met their sophomore year of high school, and their friendship eventually led to a romantic relationship. “When I first saw her, me being new to the school and all, I was amazed. Since then I have always told her one day she would be my wife,” Pierre said.

Deion Pierre and Jasmine Henderson

The couple dated throughout their high school days at Somerset Academy in Florida. When Henderson decided to attend Florida Atlantic University after high school and Pierre went to Samford University to play football; they became a college football couple. Dating a Division One football player can be a sacrifice, and Henderson admits that college football is a huge part of their relationship.

“We both agreed our feelings were too strong to allow distance to get in the way. A lot of people wouldn’t be able to do it, especially dating an athlete. She really has patience with my time being so consumed. Her bearing with the process and being so loyal just confirms my feelings for Jasmine,” explained Pierre.

Since the last two and a half years of their relationship has been long distance, Pierre often surprised Henderson with visits to see her. When he knew he was going to propose he decided he had to do something that would top a surprise visit.

Pierre said he had known he was going to propose on the football field for over a year, “I thought to myself why not propose to the woman I love after doing the thing I love, playing football.”

Jared Holloway

About a month before he decided to propose to Henderson he told his friend and fellow Samford football player, Jared Holloway about his plan.

“We went to the Kay’s Jewelers in the Brookwood Mall, and he bought the ring on the spot. I’m happy he included me in the whole process. He needed a ride, but I feel like he could’ve asked someone else. We’ve known each other for about three years now through Samford football, and I consider him a good friend,” said Holloway.

Pierre decided not only to include Jasmine and football in his special day, but also his teammates and friends. Pierre and his teammates came up with some ideas the day before the game, and practiced for their big performance.

“We did not expect it to turn out as organized and coordinated as it was, but it worked out great,” explained Holloway.

Love and excitement radiated from the players that formed the circle around Henderson with roses in their hands. A field full of love and happiness made this college football love story uniquely special.

Henderson surrounded by the players, Holloway is to the right of Henderson.

“It was a special moment for me, a moment I’ll never forget. Seeing Deion’s teammates so happy for him made me smile. I love the fact that he has a team of really great guys,” Henderson explained.

Since the video of their proposal hit the web it went viral. Major news sources such as CNN and ESPN have picked up the story.

The voice of the Samford Bulldogs, Mike Grace, said, “To say Deion and Jasmine’s moment was a special one would be the understatement of the year. His creative marriage proposal and her heartfelt acceptance have literally become a worldwide sensation, almost overnight. Just since Saturday, assorted videos of the heart-warming event have surfaced around the world, with media requests from as far away as Germany.”

Both Pierre and Henderson are very thankful for the attention the video has received. They are happy they were able to impact others by sharing love in a world full of tragedy. “I’m just happy with all that’s going wrong in the country, all the senseless murders, it’s good to shine some light in everyone’s heart,” said Pierre.

Pierre and Henderson after the proposal.

Pierre and Henderson are also being impacted by their new fans. “I never could have imagined it going viral! I read some of the comments the videos have received, and I end up in tears! Everyone seems to be so happy for us, the positivity makes my heart melt,” said Henderson.

To make this love story even better, Pierre added that there was a little bit of humor to the video going viral. “Kind of funny, I always played around with Jasmine and told her the world would know when I proposed, but I was just playing around.” However, Pierre couldn’t have been closer to the truth, the world knew when he proposed.

Pierre and Henderson are now happily living out their dreams. Henderson is beginning to plan for their wedding, and can’t wait to turn her wedding dreams into reality. While Pierre prays he has an opportunity to play in the NFL, and continues to work towards that dream daily.

The couple is thankful for all the support they have received, and the world is just as thankful for the love and joy they have shared.

Written by Macy Marin

Link to the video of the proposal:

Picture Credits:

Jasmine Henderson

Juliette Stanley

Samford University Athletics


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